The Roots “Things Fall Apart” Goes Platinum After 14 Years

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Gimmicks fade. Timeless music endures.

The Roots “Things Fall Apart” may have taken 14 years to reach platinum status, but there is something to be said for the continuing relevance of this album. If we think of it on a graph, a lot of music spikes right up to platinum status, then the artists disappear. The Roots have had a slow and steady rise.

I still remember the release of Illadelph Half-Life. Ital (The Universal Side) ft. Q-Tip absolutely gave me chills. That was my introduction to The Roots, and I’ve never tired of them. I’ll tune in to Jimmy Fallon just because I can’t get over how odd and cool their residency is.

It’s always so inspiring to see true and unique talent persevere.

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