Wall Street Journal

“In all of the contemporary music, the Ladybugs are easily one of my favorite things. The emerging genre generally is known as the new hot jazz has no shortage of artists who are talented, imaginative, attractive, and ridiculously young. But even by that standard, the Ladybugs stand out as a vocal duo that is both charming and musically substantial in equal portions.”

Fuzzy Headphones

“The Ladybugs, an NYC based jazz-pop quintet, not only bring Billie Holliday, Duke Ellington, and Irving Berlin into the modern era, but they do it with a style that both respectfully revere their heroes and invigorates their songs with a new vivacity”


“I was literally dancing around the living room.  This is so much fun.”


“Who said swing dance was just for jazz lovers?! The contemporary jazz-group, The Ladybugs, will surely change your mind.”